Sunday, January 17, 2010


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Monday, November 16, 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

That is our life! We are so busy... who would have thought with 5 kids, right?! Ha!

Anna and Jay asked me the other day where and how Jerry and I met and got married. Here is our conversation:

Anna, "Where did you and daddy meet?"
Me, "We met at college."
Jay, "Because that is where you meet who you marry?"
Me, "Well, you can. Some people meet who they will marry at a young age, or in high school."
Anna, "So... when you wanted to marry daddy... how did you decide on him?"
Me, "Well, it took some time."
Anna, "But how did you decide on daddy? Weren't there lots of boys in a line waiting to marry you?"
Me, "Uhhhh.... sure? (big pause) But your daddy was the best of them all."

Seriously, what do you say in response to something like that?! How sweet and funny all at once!

We are gearing up to go home for Thanksgiving. It is going to be busy. We have a week to spend with everyone. We are hoping to have a good visit. We have lots of fun planned!